Book Apps: Getting Started

2:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Westend II

So you’ve got a folio of printed titles and you want to ‘go digital’. What next? Make them all ebooks? No, wait. Some actually require formatting and impact. Make them all apps? It’ll take how many years to break even? In this session, three experts from the world of book and magazine app development will offer some ground rules on how to choose which books are the best bet investment-wise as apps; how to select a developer who is a good fit for your goals; and how to promote your apps.

The Speakers

Rhys Cazenove has been involved in Digital Publishing and Media for over 10 years. Previous work includes actioning the digital strategy for Comedy Central ( , &, amongst others) which included a robust analytics methodology combined with thorough SEO & SEM campaigns. Recently he co-founded Enhanced Editions to produce enhanced e-books for the new generation of personal devices.

Neal Hoskins is the owner of Winged Chariot Press, a UK-based, pioneering digital children’s picture book publisher. He has worked for many years in central Europe, where he represented Oxford University Press.

A 25-year career in the design, publishing and technology industries has taken Dean Johnson to both large and small agencies, internal marketing at NTL (now Virgin Media) and to his own London-based creative agency, Fijit. Dean is now Creative Director at NMA Top 100 digital agency Brandwidth, where he helped successfully launch the Guinness World Records app for the iPad on the same day the iPad launched in April. The number one free app will soon be joined by the full paid-for version, along with digital catalogues, animated graphic novels, interactive pop-up books and Brandwidth’s own digital magazine app – Widescreen HD. Dean is also active for the Chartered Society of Designers, The Design Council and writes a blog,

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