2011 Speakers

Tools of Change Frankfurt 2011 will once again feature thought leaders from the worlds of publishing and technology who are exploring and revolutionising the way we create, distribute and consume content.

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Confirmed speakers for 2011 include:

Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly

Andrew Richard Albanese is Features Editor at Publishers Weekly. He has covered the publishing and information technology fields since 1999, and has written for numerous publications including Lingua Franca, and Salon.com. Prior to joining Publisher Weekly he was a reporter and editor at Library Journal, and a former editor with Oxford University Press, and Regan Books.

Patricia Arancibia, Barnes and Noble

As manager of international content at Barnes and Noble’s Digital Group, Patricia Arancibia is in charge of the acquisition of international digital content, and the relations with international corporations, publishers, cultural and governmental agencies. Previously, she was the merchandising manager in charge of e-books, nonfiction printed Books, and Libros en español at Barnes & Noble.com, where she launched both the eBooks Store and the Libros en español online division, for which she was also the buyer.

Jesús Badenes, Grupo Planeta

Jesús Badenes is managing director of the books division of Grupo Planeta. Prior to that, he served as managing director of Endesa Energía and as senior project manager for McKinsey & Company, Spain.

Gus Balbontin, Lonely Planet

Gus is a strategy and innovation expert. He specializes in leading complex cross-business transformation initiatives that require significant operational restructures with minimum disruption to the business. He has a knack for incubating and integrating new products, market opportunities, platforms and technologies into existing businesses. Gus is playing a lead role in Lonely Planet’s transformation from print publisher into a multiformat publisher.

Graham Bell, EDItEUR

Graham Bell is chief data architect for EDItEUR, the global metadata standards body for the book, e-book and serial supply chains. He leads EDItEUR’s standards development work,with primary responsibility for ONIX for Books, the widely-used metadata communication standard for the book trade. He previously worked as a senior IT manager for HarperCollins in the UK, where he was involved in numerous e-book, e-audio, POD and metadata initiatives.

Henrik Berggren, Readmill

Henrik Berggren is a 31-year-old entrepreneur from Sweden who recently relocated to Berlin to build Readmill — a social reading platform for e-books. Henrik has been working with the Web for over 10 years and has a nearly finished degree in computer science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He’s been heavily involved in digital music companies like SoundCloud and CitySounds.fm but fell in love with e-books and has since been working on making them shareable, hackable, embeddable and more.

Matteo Berlucchi, aNobii

Matteo Berlucchi is CEO of Anobii, the new discovery platform for book lovers. His digital career spans 15 years, during which he has conceived, built and launched several successful companies and services both online and on mobile. Most recently, Matteo was CEO and founder of Livestation, the leading service for live TV news online and the first company in the world to stream live TV on iPhones. Livestation is also the winner of the Guardian Digital Innovation Award 2008. Prior to this, Matteo was CEO and co-founder of Skinkers, a software company, which defined the market for desktop widgets and the winner of several international innovation awards in the digital space. Matteo started his career by launching the first online property system in Europe in 1995.

Mark Bide, EDItEUR

Mark Bide was appointed Executive Director of EDItEUR in January 2009; he remains a Director of Rightscom, the specialist media consultancy where he has worked since 2001. Mark has worked in and around the publishing industry for 40 years, having been a Director of the European subsidiaries of both CBS Publishing and John Wiley & Sons. He is a Visiting Professor of the University of the Arts London.

Maya Bisineer, MeMe Tale

 Maya Bisineer is the founder and CEO of MeMeTales – a digital publishing platform and game like reading experience for kids. She is obsessed with getting kids to fall in love with reading for life. In her past life she was a tech wiz and spent more than 10 years writing code and architecting tech solutions at larger corporate companies. Maya has Masters in Electrical Engineering and got her MBA from the Fisher College of Business. She has been on the board of Social Media Club in Seattle, and advises on the Digital Arts Program at Everett Community College.

Timo Boezeman, A.W. Bruna

Timo Boezeman is digital publisher and non-fiction editor for A.W. Bruna Publishers, the largest publisher in the Netherlands. In addition to his acquisitions and editing, he co-ordinates the digital publishing strategy of A.W. Bruna and is a pioneer in new ways of publishing (new formats, technologies and business models).

Sheila Bounford, NBN Interational
Sheila Bounford is managing director of the European book distribution company NBN International (NBNi), owned by the Rowman and Littlefield and NBN Group of Companies. Since she joined NBNi seven years ago, the company has more than doubled in size and during 2010 – in response to ongoing upheaval in the book supply chain, and changing customer and publisher needs – Sheila was part of the team leading NBNi through a major infrastructure investment and expansion project in order to best position the business for the next decade.

Peter Brantley, Internet Archive

Peter Brantley is the Director of the BookServer Project at the Internet Archive, a San Francisco-based not-for-profit library.  He is the co-founder of the Open Book Alliance, an advocacy organization working for an open and competitive marketplace in digital books.  He was previously the Director of the Digital Library Federation, a non-profit association of research and national libraries. He writes extensively on transformations in media and information access, with a particular emphasis on copyright reform for the digital age. With colleagues in the open software community, he has been coordinating the development and adoption of the Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS).

Johanna Brinton, OverDrive

Johanna Brinton is Business Development Executive at OverDrive. Overdrive is a leading international digital distributor of e-books, audiobooks, music and video, working with thousands of publishers, online retailers and libraries. Johanna is building Overdrive’s partnerships with trade and specialist publishers across Europe and Asia.

Oliver Brooks, ValoBox and CompletelyNovel

Oliver Brooks is the co-founder of ValoBox and CompletelyNovel. He is interested the evolution of the content industries from traditional retail through to social and distributed commerce.In 2008 he started CompletelyNovel - now the largest online book publishing community in the UK. It is designed to find the correct route to market for books. It enables anyone to publish economically while highlighting the books with a mainstream appeal to publishers. His latest project ValoBox is a pay-as-you-go e-book platform designed to create a new sales channel by integrating with the social web. Each book can be read on any device from any website and sold by any user using links or embeds.

Francis Cave, EDItEUR consultant

Francis Cave is a publishing technology expert specialising in the use of XML, both in production and supply chain communications. Since 1999 he has provided EDItEUR with much of the expertise needed to develop and maintain specifications and tools in support of the growing range of XML-based supply chain communication standards under the ONIX and EDItX brands. Aside from work for EDItEUR, he is in demand as a publishing technology consultant, application developer and training course presenter. He chairs BSITechnical Committee IST/41, which is concerned with international standardisation of XML-based schema languages, topic map technologies and office application file formats (ODFand OOXML).

Philip Downer, consultant

Philip Downer is a retail consultant who has had 17 years experience in the book trade,working in senior positions at Borders UK and Waterstone’s. His consultancy, Front of Store, provides consultancy support on retail and book trade matters in the UK and overseas.

Jason Epstein

Jason Epstein’s 50 year distinguished career in publishing, which includes among other accomplishments, serving as editorial director of Random House, co-founder of the New York Review of Books, creator of Anchor Books, which launched the paperback revolution, founder of the Library of America and of the Readers Catalog, the precursor to online bookselling. Mr. Epstein has received many honors. He was the first recipient of the National Book Award for distinguished contribution to American Letters, and also received the Curtis Benjamin Award of the American Association of Publishers for inventing new kinds of publishing. In 2001, he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award of the National Books Critics Circle for creative publishing.

Mateusz Frukacz, Legimi

Mateusz Frukacz is co-founder and executive director of Legimi, a Polish e-book store that offers ‘cloud’ reading apps for tablets, smartphones, e-readers and desktop. Mateusz is a designer and analyst of IT systems,  responsible for contacts with partnership companies and product offers. He has worked with mobile technologies since the beginning of his professional career and gained experience in various projects, including the navigation system for the visually impaired.

Noah Genner, President and CEO, BookNet Canada

Noah Genner has an extensive background in independent bookselling, software and business development. As the leader of BookNet Canada, he orchestrates a skilled team of technical, policy oriented and client focused staff to provide new data management services and supply-chain initiatives to the Canadian publishing and book retail sectors. Before working at BookNet Canada, Noah ran his own technology and software development consulting business, servicing a wide range of clients including book publishers and printers. Prior to that, Noah was director of software development for consumer market research leader Compusense, where he oversaw the development of a variety of software projects used by numerous Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Noah serves on the Board of Directors of the Book Industry Study Group, eBound Canada and is Chair of the ONIX International Steering Committee.

Marco Ghezzi, Digitpub

Marco Ghezzi is co-founder and COO of Digitpub. Digitpub brings together content and technology to deliver publishing projects such as BookRepublic, 40kbooks and IfBookThen, an international conference organised in Italy and aimed at publishing companies who want to “go digital”. BookRepublic is the first Italian digital distributor and e-bookstore for independent publishers. 40kbooks is a digital imprint with a strong international approach that publishes and distributes short fiction and essays in multiple languages.

David Gosen, Telecom, Nielsen

David Gosen leads Nielsen’s Telecom practice in Europe, having joined the company in January 2011. Prior to that he was a VP at Microsoft, where he was responsible for its Xbox and Xbox Live subscription business in Europe. With more than 20 years’ experience in consumer-facing businesses, he has held senior management positions at BSkyB, Mercury One2One, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and Schweppes. He also served as Managing Director of Nintendo Europe, where he was responsible for pan-European hardware and software product launches across the region, and CEO and President of mobile entertainment business I-play, a venture capital backed company.

Brian Green, Principal Consultant to EDItEUR

Brian Green, formerly executive director of EDItEUR and the International ISBN Agency, is currently principal consultant to EDItEUR, working mainly on the ARROW Plus project and in an advisory role to the International ISBN Agency. He was the founding director of BIC, the UK book trade standards body, from 1991 until 2006 and prior to that, following many years in the publishing industry, was director of technology and publishing management at the UK Publishers Association.

Ramy Habeeb, Kotobarabia.com

Ramy Habeeb graduated from McGill University, after which he lived in Okinawa, Japan for three years. Returning to Egypt in 2004, Ramy saw that Arabic Literature was not reaching an international audience due to two disadvantages the local publishing industry had yet to overcome:  Distribution and censorship.  Seeking to bypass these problems, he established Kotobarabia.com in September 2004, becoming the first Arabic language e-book publishing house in the Middle East. Through the Internet, Kotobarabia’s books can reach Arabic readers anywhere in the world at the click of a button. Furthermore, due to the lack of Internet regulations, Kotobarabia is able to publish books that have previously been banned by local governments, publishing books from all religions and political opinions side by side. To date, Kotobarabia has acquired the e-rights to over 1,400 Arab authors and has digitized over 11,000 titles. Ramy’s vision is to build a Library of Alexandria that cannot be burned down, preserving and distributing Arabic literature for people today and generations to come.

Michael Healy, Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)

Michael Healy is the executive director (author and publisher relations) at the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). Prior to joining CCC, Michael was executive director of The Book Rights Registry, and previously executive director of the Book Industry Study Group, a New York-based non-profit body dedicated to improving the efficiency of the book industry by providing standards, research, education and information. He has worked in the book industry for more than 25 years and has spent most of that time in senior editorial, sales and distribution roles in digital publishing. He has been closely involved in the development of standards for the international book trade, and is particularly associated with standards for metadata, product information and electronic commerce. Michael has led many international standards groups,was chairman of the International ISBN Agency, a director of the International DOI Foundation, and led the international ISO committee that developed ISBN-13.

Jo Henry, BML

Established in 1990, BML is the leading provider of market research information and business intelligence on the UK book market. BML monitors the British book market through Books & Consumers, the publishing industry’s premier resource for understanding consumer book buying behavior in Great Britain as well as undertaking adhoc research for a wide range of clients. Jo Henry has been managing director of BML since 1996. She started in publishing at Victor Gollancz, becoming sales director in 1989 and, after Cassell’s purchase of Gollancz, the Group’s international trade sales director. She left Cassell in 1993 to join the HEA’s Publishing Division as head of sales & marketing, before joining BML in 1995. Following the acquisition of BML by Publishing News, she became managing director of the PN Group in 2007. In February 2010, BML was bought by Bowker.

Justo Hidalgo, 24 Symbols

Justo Hidalgo is co-founder of 24symbols, a platform that offers readers the ability to read and share digital books in the cloud, working in any reading device with internet connection and that gives users access to an international and multi-publisher’s catalogue. He is also a part-time product strategy and innovation consultant at Denodo, and teaches product strategy and innovation at the master’s degree in industrial design of Nebrija University, and technology for managers at the Nebrija Business School in Madrid, Spain. Justo is member of the Internet Society and mentor at the Startupbootcamp accelerator.

Sarah Hilderley, EDItEUR

Sarah Hilderley is accessibility project lead at EDItEUR, delivering EDItEUR’s contribution to the Enabling Technologies Framework, a three-year project funded by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under its visually impaired persons (VIP) initiative. This project aims to provide advice on how publishers might evolve their mainstream publishing processes so they are capable of delivering digital publications that are fully accessible. Sarah recently published the guidelines document Accessible Publishing, Best Practice Guidelines for Publishers, which is available here in English, French and Spanish.

Alastair Horne, Cambridge University Press

Alastair Horne is innovations manager at Cambridge University Press. In this wide-ranging role, he takes particular responsibility for monitoring developments in publishing and technology, and prototyping new types of products. He is also the author of the recent Market Futures report on The Future of Publishing, and blogs regularly on digital publishing for the Bookseller‘s FutureBook website.

Theresa Horner, BarnesandNoble.com

Theresa Horner is currently the VP of Digital Content at BarnesandNoble.com. Her team is responsible for all the digital books and editorial programs that feed the NOOK ecosystem which includes NOOK, NOOKColor and NOOK software applications as well as PubIt!, Barnes & Noble’s self-retailing platform. Theresa has worked in the digital book business since 1999, initially for several years with HarperCollins setting up their e-book and d-audio book business, and then a brief stint with Microsoft’s Live Search Book/Live Search Academic programs.

Neil Hoskins, Winged Chariot Press

Neal Hoskins is the owner of  Winged Chariot Press, a UK-based, young publisher of picturebooks and a pioneer in digital development of stories and pictures on various touchscreen handheld devices. He has worked for many years in central Europe, where he represented Oxford University Press.

John R. Ingram, Ingram Industries, Inc.

John R. Ingram is chairman of the Board of Directors of Ingram Industries Inc., one of America’s largest privately held companies with businesses in inland marine transportation, book printing, and digital content distribution. Within Ingram Industries, he is chairman of Ingram Content Group which includes Ingram Book Company, the leading wholesaler and distributor to the book industry; Lightning Source Inc., the leading provider of print on demand services for publishers, and Ingram Digital. Mr. Ingram is a graduate Princeton University and earned his master of business administration degree at Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management. He is a member of the Boards of Vanderbilt University, Montgomery Bell Academy, and The Harpeth Hall School.

Mitch Joel, Six Pixels of Separation

Marketing Magazine dubbed Mitch Joel the “Rock Star of Digital Marketing” and called him, “one of North America’s leading digital visionaries.” In 2006 he was named one of the most influential authorities on Blog Marketing in the world. In 2008, Mitch was named Canada’s Most Influential Male in Social Media, one of the top 100 online marketers in the world, and was awarded the highly prestigious Canada’s Top 40 Under 40. Most recently, he was named one of iMedia’s 25 Internet Marketing Leaders and Innovators in the world. Joel is frequently called upon to be a subject matter expert for Huffington Post, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, Marketing Magazine, Profit, Strategy, Money, The Globe & Mail and many other media outlets. His newspaper business column, New Business – Six Pixels of Separation, runs bi-monthly in both The Montreal Gazette and Vancouver Sun. His first book, Six Pixels of Separation (published by Grand Central Publishing – Hachette Book Group), named after his successful blog and podcast is a business and marketing bestseller.

Dean Johnson, Brandwidth

As Executive Creative Director at leading UK digital agency Brandwidth, Dean Johnson’s creative team is responsible for a formidable collection of apps for their own publishing label, Guinness World Records, Amber Books, Warner Music, Ernst & Young, Lexus and Scientific American – with the new Doctor Who Encyclopedia revealed for Random House and BBC Worldwide at TOC Frankfurt.

Bill Kasdorf, Apex Content Solutions

Bill Kasdorf is general editor of The Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing and vice president of Apex Content Solutions, a leading supplier of consulting, data conversion, editorial, production, and content enhancement services to publishers and other organisations worldwide. Past president of the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP), Bill has led seminars and spoken widely
for publishing industry organisations such as SSP, O’Reilly TOC, NISO, BISG, IDPF, AAP, AAUP, ALPSP, STM, Seybold Seminars, and the Library of Congress. He currently serves on the IDPF Working Group updating the EPUB standard (and is coordinator of its Metadata Subgroup); the IDEAlliance working group developing the nextPub source format for magazines and other design- and feature-rich publications (chairing its nextPub-to-EPUB Mapping Committee); the NISO eBook SIG; and is Chair of the BISG Content Structure Committee.

Trevor Klein, Somethin’ Else

Trevor Klein is the digital development producer at Somethin’ Else, a BAFTA award-winning content design and creation company. He runs their app development slate and has most recently produced the iPad version of Richard Dawkins’ new book, The Magic of Reality, as well as working on award-winning audio games Papa Sangre and The Nightjar. Earlier this year he was chosen as one of Broadcast Magazine‘s Hot Shots 2011 and has previously worked at the BBC, producing a range of cross-platform projects across mobile, web and TV.

Sanders Kleinfeld, O’Reilly Media

Sanders Kleinfeld has been employed at O’Reilly Media since 2004 and has held a variety of positions, including roles on O’Reilly’s production, editorial, and tools teams. Currently, he works as a publishing technologies specialist, maintaining O’Reilly’s XML-based tool chain for generating EPUB and Mobi formats of both frontlist and backlist titles. He also helps coordinate O’Reilly’s digital distribution efforts to electronic sales channels, and is currently assisting in R&D efforts surrounding HTML5 and EPUB 3, helping to develop next-generation e-book content for O’Reilly and its publishing partners. In his spare time, Sanders loves to read, but primarily print books.

Arne Klempert, Fleishman-Hillard*

Arne Klempert has a background in traditional media. He’s from a family of book publishers and did work for several newspapers, before he focused more and more on digital – starting with a digital agency as a spin-off of a newspaper publisher in 2000. He is former spokesperson for the German Wikipedia. In 2004, he co-founded Wikimedia Germany and served the non-profit organisation for more than four years as vice chair and executive director. Since 2009 he has been a member of Wikimedia’s international Board of Trustees. Since 2010, Arne has been the digital director of Fleishman-Hillard Germany. Based in Frankfurt, he leads the digital practice group covering all three German offices, providing strategic consulting to national and international clients.

Michael Kowalski, Contentment

Michael has spent more than a decade toiling in the digital content production mines, doing work for companies including the Guardian, BBC, and Newscorp. He founded Contentment to develop better and more humane software solutions for publishers, with a particular focus on delivering to mobile channels.

Julia Lampam, Wiley

Julia Lampam is associate director, corporate communications for Wiley’s EMEA region.  Her responsibilities include chairing the Global Social Media Group which provides best practise guidelines and enables colleagues to share experience as they employ these channels of engagement to promote products and brands.  Previously she managed Wiley’s publicity activities, including the UK launches of the For Dummies and Frommer’s publishing brands, as well as instigating a proactive PR strategy for academic journals.  While in this role she launched the online newsroom and integrated social media tools into PR campaigns.  In addition, Julia handles Wiley’s presence at the Frankfurt and London Book Fairs.

Arantza Larrauri, General Manager, Libranda

A native of Barcelona, Arantza began her career at Nabisco before joining Círculo de Lectores (Direct Group Bertelsmann; book club in Spain) in 2002. In 2006 Arantza took the position of sales + retail manager for Circulo de Leitores (Direct Group Bertelsmann; book club in Portugal), where she was responsible for creating commercial and promotional Circulo de Leitores areas inside the Bertrand Bookstores  and starting a new commercial channel for the book club. In January 2009, she joined the commercial department of Random House Mondadori as key account manager. She occupied that position until February 2010, when she joined Libranda as general manager. Arantza holds a bachelors degree in economics as well as the masters in business administration (MBA) in ESADE (Barcelona, Spain). She finished her education in Phoenix (Arizona, USA) in the Thunderbird School of International Management, were she got the masters in international management (MIM).

Jonas Lennermo, ustwo™
Jonas is head of publishing at ustwo™. ustwo™ is a digital design studio based in Malmö and London, delivering user experiences as a digital partner to the world’s leading brands. Apart from client work, ustwo™ is also renowned for developing and launching its own publishing initiatives.

Vladimir Levantovsky, Monotype Imaging

Vladimir Levantovsky is a senior technology strategist at Monotype Imaging, Inc., and currently serves as a chair of the W3C WebFonts Working Group. Vlad is passionate about advancing typographic capabilities on CE and mobile devices, and has been an active contributor to the development of various technology platforms, including EPUB, hardware accelerated vector graphics (The Khronos Group), Java ME platforms for mobile devices (JSR-271 and JSR-287), DVB Multimedia Home Platform, OMA Rich Media Environment and core font technology standardization at ISO/IEC (serving as a chair of the ISO SC29/WG11 ad-hoc group on font format representation).

Anna Lewis, ValoBox

Anna Lewis co-founded the book technology company CompletelyNovel with Oli Brooks in 2008. Since then, they have created CompletelyNovel.com, a community powered book-publishing platform bringing modern publishing tools to an online network of readers, writers and publishers. Their latest venture is ValoBox, a fresh approach to eBooks which combines a pay-as-you-go reading platform with an exciting social retail model which will put customers at the heart of book selling. In 2010 Anna was a finalist for the UK Young Publishing Entrepreneur Award and over the past couple of years she has also managed the Author Blog Awards, the 24 Hour Book Project and a number of other collaborative projects.

Christophe F. Maire, Txtr

Christophe Maire is the CEO of Txtr. He has more than 15 years entrepreneurial and investing track record in media- and mobile communications-related technology areas. He has consistently delivered product innovation and led the way in the development of new services. Christophe co-founded and headed gate5 AG, the Berlin-based pioneer in mobile mapping & community service before selling the company to Nokia in late 2006. As head of Maps and Explore, Christophe contributed to build a successful worldwide service business for Nokia. The unit today employs more than 700 qualified developers in Berlin alone. Chistophe was also one of the founders of Plazes, the pioneer in location “check-in” services. He furthermore acts as advisor and shareholder in ventures like Soundcloud, PhoneDeck, mixd.tv and TooStep. Before that Christophe was involved in brands4friends, studiVZ, and was a director in company b where he attracted investments from Deutsche Telecom, Vivendi and Bertelsman to back his large digital cinema venture. A Swiss citizen, Christophe studied business & administration at the University of St. Gallen and Barcelona and attended executive education in NYU and Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Mikolaj Malaczynski, Legimi

 Mikolaj Malaczynski is co-founder and CEO of Legimi, a Polish company designing cloud technologies enabling access to content from mobile devices. The software projects, in which he has been involved, were awarded at the international level (Imagine Cup Korea 2007, France 2008). Mikolaj has authored numerous publications concerning e-reading applications and is an activist for open reading platforms and open standards.

Eric Marbeau, Gallimard

Eric Marbeau heads digital sales and partnerships at Éditions Gallimard in Paris. He also takes part in the steering committee of Eden Livres, a leading e-book and metadata distribution platform founded in 2009 by Gallimard, Flammarion and La Martinière. Prior to joining Gallimard in 2005, Eric worked in illustrated books for the Hachette Group and in marketing for Michelin. He graduated from Essec MBA and pursued post-graduate studies in book publishing.

Stefano Mauri, GeMS

Stefano Mauri was born in Milan in 1961. In 1985 he obtained a literature degree in Milan and in 1987 a master of science in publishing, New York. In 1987 he published the volume Il libro in Italia. Geografia, produzione e consumo (Hoepli, Milan), a detailed territorial analysis of the Italian book market. Stefano is president and CEO of GeMS – Gruppo editoriale Mauri Spagnol, one of the leading Italian book publishing groups. It includes 17 publishing houses among them Garzanti, Bollati Boringhieri, Longanesi, Guanda, Salani, Corbaccio, Ponte alle Grazie, Vallardi and Nord. He is president of Edigita (a joint venture between Messaggerie Italiane, RCS Libri and Feltrinelli and leader in the distribution of Italian e-books) and a member of the board of Messaggerie Italiane and the Fondazione Arnoldo e Alberto Mondadori, a member of the organising committee of the Scuola per Librai Umberto e Elisabetta Mauri, vice president of the Italian Publishers Association (AIE), Italian member of the Assembly of the Federation of European Publishers (FEP) and Italian delegate of the International Publishers Association (IPA).

Paola Mazzucchi, AIE

Since 2000, Paola has been working in the publishing and content industry, with a particular focus on the role played by technology and innovation in the digital value chain, from production workflows to copyright, from marketing to distribution. Since 2004, she has been involved in all mEDRA DOI-related activities and projects,focusing in particular on the issue of metadata interoperability in the DOI community. She also coordinates the technical activities related to metadata-based services for the Italian ISBN Agency. She has been supporting project management in several European projects by the Italian Publishers Association and currently she is in charge of the coordination of the technical work packages within the ARROW and ARROW Plus project.

Bill McCoy, IDPF

Bill McCoy is executive director of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), the trade and standards group responsible for the EPUB standard interchange and delivery format for eBooks and other digital publications. Mr. McCoy was previously general manager, digital publishing at Adobe Systems. McCoy has been involved in publishing technology for over 20 years, and has contributed to the establishment of numerous industry-standard platforms including EPUB as well as PDF, OpenType, and PostScript.

Kat Meyer, Tools of Change, O’Reilly Media

Kat Meyer is a book publishing industry veteran whose background includes 20 years of editorial and marketing experience working for regional and national trade and academic publishers, including: HMH, Communication Skill Builders, the University of Arizona Press, Rio Nuevo Publishers, and many others.

Prior to joining O’Reilly, Kat acted as Chief Content Wrangler for her company, Next Chapter Communications, where she reveled in two of her favorite past times: all things bookish, and all things social media. Among her clients at NCC were: SourceBooks, NetGalley, AllRomanceE/OmniLit, Adaptive Blue, the University of Arizona Press, Poisoned Pen Press, BookSwim, and a little company called O’Reilly media!

Samantha Missingham, the Bookseller*

Sam Missingham is co-founder of FutureBook, The Bookseller‘s digital publishing brand. She is responsible for audience development and marketing for all products in The Bookseller Group. She embraced social media and uses Twitter (Facebook, Linkedin & Google plus) to engage the global publishing industry. She can be found drinking wine at many publishing tweet-ups. Follow her @samatlounge.

Chris Riley, Moglue

Prior to co-founding Moglue, Chris began exploring storytelling in his ESL classroom. He incorporated project-based learning that focused on student created videos and live performances. The effect they had on his students left a lasting impression on Chris: story is core to Moglue’s existence.

Joshua Mullineaux, Highlighter.com

Joshua Mullineaux is the co-founder and CEO of Highlighter.com. Highlighter is the ultimate engagement tool that allows readers to Highlight, Share, Comment and Save snippets of text and/or images. A northwest native and entrepreneur living in Seattle, Josh has been working with web publishers for over 4 years and hopes to bring web technologies and tools to the publishing world to help bring authors and readers together.

Richard Nash, Small Demons

Richard Nash is VP of Community and Content of Small Demons and Publisher of Red Lemonade. For most of the past decade, he ran the iconic indie Soft Skull Press for which work he was awarded the Association of American Publishers’ Miriam Bass Award for Creativity in Independent Publishing in 2005. Books he edited and published landed on bestseller lists from the Boston Globe to the Singapore Straits-Times; on Best of the Year lists from The Guardian to the Toronto Globe & Mail to the Los Angeles Times; the last book he edited there, Lydia Millet’s Love in Infant Monkeys, was selected as a 2010 Pulitzer Prize finalist. Last year the Utne Reader named him one of Fifty Visionaries Changing Your World and Mashable.com picked him as the #1 Twitter User Changing the Shape of Publishing. He has spoken on the history and future of reading, writing, and publishing across the world, from Melbourne to Toronto to Helsinki to Seoul—Chris Anderson characterizes his Publishing 3.0 talk as “the best I have ever seen on the future of publishing.”

Yoshihisa Narui, Sony

Yoshihisa NARUI is an expert in international standardization. He serves as the technical secretary of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Technical Committee 100/Technical Area 10, “Multimedia e-publishing and e-book technologies.”  He works for the Sony Technology Standards Office in Japan, and represents the company in various standards committees relating to consumer electronics.

Dane Neller, On Demand Books

Dane J. Neller is chief executive officer of On Demand Books and has extensive operating experience in the retail sector as a former owner and CEO of Dean & Deluca. Under his leadership, Dean & Deluca experienced substantial increases in sales and profitability and became a premier multi-channel specialty food brand with international brand recognition. Between 1993 and 1997, he was Chief Investment Officer of the Leslie Rudd Investment Company, a private equity fund based in Aspen, Colorado. Prior to this, Neller held various positions in private equity and investment banking firms, beginning his career at Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc. from 1984–1987. He graduated from Yale University in 1979 (B.A.), 1980 (M.A.), and Yale Law School in 1984 (J.D.). Mr. Neller was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1985.

Jonathan Nowell, Nielsen Book

Jonathan Nowell is president of the Nielsen Book, a subsidiary of Nielsen. Nielsen Book is the leading provider of product information, ecommerce and measurement analytics to the book industry globally and operates under the BookData, BookNet and BookScan brands. Jonathan also chairs the Book Industry Communication (BIC) operations board in the UK and is a board director of BISG (Book Industry Study Group) in the US. Jonathan has worked in the book and broader publishing industry for most of his career.

Brian O’Leary, Magellan Media

A publishing veteran with 25 years of operational, management and consulting experience, Brian O’Leary is founder and principal of Magellan Media, a management consulting firm that works with publishers seeking support in content operations, benchmarking and financial analysis. In addition to his consulting assignments, O’Leary is the author of a research report on the impact of free content and digital piracy on paid book sales, as well as the editor and primary contributor for a study of the use of XML in book publishing.  Both reports were published by O’Reilly Media in 2009. Before becoming a consultant in 1998, Brian served as senior VP and associate publisher with Hammond Inc., an internationally recognized geographic reference publisher.  Responsible for database development, editorial content, production, and operations, Brian restructured editorial operations to benefit from the firm’s prior technology investments. He came to Hammond after a 12-year career overseeing production and distribution operations at several of Time Inc.’s weekly magazines.  He earned an A.B. in chemistry from Harvard College and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Akshay Pathak, German Book Office, New Delhi

Akshay Pathak was born and grew up in India. Having studied and taught German language, he has had a strong affinity to German Literature and culture. Akshay Pathak was active as a journalist for various German daily papers, culture and trade journals like the Börsenblatt, die Tagezeitung, Zeitschrift fuer Kulturaustausch, among others. He has had wide experience in cultural management and market studies (especially world trade). He has worked for Goethe Institute India, the Biennale Boon, National School of Drama, New Delhi, and Pro Helvetia, New Delhi. Since February 2008, he has been Director of the German Book Office, New Delhi, and has launched some major initiatives for the publishing industry in India like Globalocal, Publishers Training and Jumpstart.

Sebastian Posth, A2 Electronic Publishing

Sebastian Posth is a publisher and e-book professional with a strong focus on digital distribution. It has always been Posth’s claim to introduce “cutting-edge developments” and innovative technology into publishing and turn them into valuable and useful products, services and tools in order to support (e-book) publishers and intermediaries. In 2007, Posth founded Zentrale Medien, Germany’s first digital aggregator and one of the most productive conversion houses. The company was sold to Koch, Neff & Volckmar, Germany’s largest book wholesaler & distributor and re-branded as KN digital in 2009. KN digital converts and distributes e-books for major publishers like Rowohlt (Holtzbrinck/ Macmillan), DTV, Campus, WBG, Aufbau, etc. From 2009, Posth worked for VVA (arvato | Bertelsmann), one of the largest book distributors in Germany, shipping books & e-books for major (trade) publishers like Random House, Lübbe, Hanser, Kosmos, DuMont, O’Reilly. At VVA, Posth was director of digital content distribution, responsible for the development of media asset management and e-book distribution software BIC-Media. Since August 2011, Sebastian Posth has been partner of A2 Electronic Publishing, Berlin.

Joanna Rahim, The Galton Lab

Joanna Rahim started out at the BBC producing flagship programmes such as Start the Week, In Our Time and All in the Mind, as well as award-winning documentaries. She then moved into digital, where she has worked for the past ten years, as editor of iVillage UK, managing editor of AOL, acting editor then consultant to Yahoo! and head of content for Orange Broadband and Mobile. She is director of The Galton Lab whose clients include The Wellcome Trust, the NHS, ITN, Random House and other publishers.

Oliver Reichenstein, Information Architects

Oliver Reichenstein studied philosophy in Basel and Paris. He worked as brand consultant for Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux for four years. In 2003, he moved to Tokyo where he founded his design agency, Information Architects (iA). Today, iA is one of the leading voices in screen design.
iA has built websites for a series of high traffic news sites, including Tages-Anzeiger, ZEIT ONLINE, Krone.at. In 2010, iA released its first in house product, iA Writer for Mac and iPad, setting new standards for writing on touch screen devices.

Daniel Rhatigan, Monotype Imaging

Daniel Rhatigan worked as a designer and typographer in Boston and New York for 15 years before coming to study at the University of Reading (UK) in 2006. After receiving his MA in Typeface Design, he came to work at Monotype Imaging to research and design non-Latin typeface families, concentrating on Indic scripts. He also lectures on typography and branding in the Netherlands and the UK.

Sophie Rochester, The Literary Platform

Sophie Rochester is founder of The Literary Platform. She worked for five years at 4th Estate and Jonathan Cape (Random House) before moving to the digital agency GT London in 2000. In 2002, she joined Colman Getty working for the Man Booker Prize for Fiction and the Guardian Hay Festival. Since 2007 she has worked as an independent literary consultant and in 2010 founded The Literary Platform, a website dedicated to exploring new platforms for literature.

Sophie Sampson, FictionalProjects.com

Sophie Sampson is an award-winning maker of games and interactive experiences. She makes work that changes minds and behavior, and focuses on how experiences are affected when you give the participant control and agency. She works on digital, paper-based and live projects, from transmedia film projects to playground games to location-aware iPhone projects. Sophie has made work for Tate, the V&A Museum, BBC, Channel 4, Warner Bros, Hide&Seek and Coney. Recent awards include a Media Guardian Innovation award for Tate Trumps, plus a Digital Emmy nomination and Banff Interactive awards for Conspiracy for Good.

Matilde Sanz,  Telefónica

Matilde Sanz works for Telefónica in the development of the Movistar e-book service for the Spanish market and is in charge of the digital content acquisition for this cloud-based e-book platform. She has previously worked in the development of the digital market as digital director for Grupo Santillana for the trade segment. She also has researched the digital market for books in the education and trade segment for years and worked for publishing houses such as Oxford University Press.

Todd Sattersten, BizBookLab

Todd Sattersten is the founder of BizBookLab, a company that helps publishers and authors identify, develop, and launch business books around the world. He is the former president of business book retailer 800-CEO-READ and the co-author of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time. He just launched “Every Book Is A Startup”, a Real Time project with O’Reilly Media.

Ronald Schild, MVB Marketing- und Verlagsservice des Buchhandels

Ronald Schild joined MVB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Börsenverein, the German Publishers and Booksellers Association, in 2006. One of the key projects during his tenure as CEO was the successful launch of libreka!, the e-book platform of the German book trade. Before joining MVB, Schild held various management positions in international media and IT companies. He holds degrees from the University of Saarbrücken (Germany), Institut Commercial de Nancy (France) and the University of Strathclyde (UK).

Aliza Sherman, Media Egg*

Aliza Sherman is a Web pioneer, digital strategist, and social mobile media innovator and commentator. She speaks around the world and writes about social and mobile media and marketing, practical uses of new technologies, and women’s technology and business issues. In 2010, she launched a digital and mobile strategy consultancy, Mediaegg. She has published nine books and is a regular contributor to Web Worker Daily and Mashable.

Kate Spelman

Kate Spelman has special expertise in cutting edge copyright matters, as well as in the area of providing strategic advice, design and implementation for start-up companies, including those engaging in handheld computing devices and wireless technology. Kate also has extensive experience in the beverage industry, including special knowledge in wine issues as they relate to trademark and marketing law. She is also experienced in copyright, media, licensing, and trademark issues, and provides advice and counseling on the development, production, sale, and defense work for numerous varied intellectual property matters. Kate manages the copyright and trademark portfolios of many Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, and nationally recognized non-profit organisations. She has prosecuted thousands of trademark and copyrights worldwide, including difficult “ingredient” marks and other unique trademarks. She has been a frequent speaker on the progress and issues of the Google Book Settlement; and has advised authors, as well as nonprofit and for-profit publishers who are struggling to understand and cope with the Google Book Settlement. Kate’s expertise includes negotiating and structuring evolving digital publishing issues and deals focusing on the new language and provisions of the changed, global distribution environment.

Bob Stein, Institute for the Future of the Book

 Bob Stein is founder and co-director of the Institute for the Future of the Book and founder of The Voyager Company. For 13 years he led the development of over 300 titles in ‘The Criterion Collection’, a series of definitive films on videodisc, and more than 75 CD ROM titles including the CD Companion to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, ‘Who Built America’, and the Voyager edition of ‘Macbeth’. Previous to Voyager, Stein worked with Alan Kay in the Research Group at Atari on a variety of electronic publishing projects. Eleven years ago, Stein started ‘Night Kitchen’ to develop authoring tools for the next generation of electronic publishing. That work is now being continued at the Institute for the Future of the Book.

Cora Stephan

Cora Stephan has worked as a freelance journalist, book author, columnist and essayist since 1987. She focuses on the history and politics of Germany, women and the economy, aging and demographics. She has written numerous crime novels under the pseudonym Anne Chaplet, for which she has been awarded the Deutscher Krimipreis twice.

Alain Strowel, attorney

Alain Strowel has been a Belgian attorney since 1988 and works in the Brussels office. His practice concentrates on intellectual property, media and information technology law. He has litigated many IP-related cases before the Belgian courts (ISP liability, protection of slogans, trademarks issues, comparative advertising), and has as well appeared before the European Court of Justice and the European Patent Office. He has particular expertise in issues relating to digital copyright and the Internet. Prior to joining Covington & Burling LLP in April 2001, Mr. Strowel worked in the Brussels IP section of a major Dutch firm. He also serves as a professor in the Universities of Brussels and Liège, where he teaches copyright and design law. He is an active member of various IP associations, including the Licensing Executive Society, ALAI, European Patent Lawyers Association, Computer Law Association.

Pieter Swinkels, Kobo

Pieter Swinkels is director of publisher and industry relations for Kobo in Europe. Pieter Swinkels brings more than 12 years of experience in the publishing industry, most recently as associate publisher of Netherlands publishing company De Bezige Bij and publisher of Cargo. In his role at Kobo, Swinkels is responsible for acquiring new titles and new publishers across Europe and building strong, collaborative relationships with the European publishing community.

Matt Tempelis, 3M

Matt Tempelis has worked at 3M for the past 16 years. For the last two years, he has been head of the 3M Library Systems Business. He was previously global business leader for several of 3Ms industrial businesses and held several positions in product management and marketing, business development for Latin America and corporate marketing for 3M Mexico.

Frank Thurmann, KNV / KNO-VA Germany
Frank Thurmann is managing director, KNV / KNO-VA Germany. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from M.I.T. and TU Berlin.After a consulting career at IBM Business Consulting Group he entered the family business in 1996. He is responsible for operations and strategic development, specifically KNV’s logistics and digital strategy.

Will Tinsdeall, The Galton Lab

 Will Tinsdale is not just a programmer but a digital innovator. He gained the interest of senior DirectGov officials in its Young Rewired State initiative to discover new talent, and this led to him turning his hobby and passion into a career, setting up his own company BCS Lichfield and working for The Galton Lab and others. Working primarily with data and algorithms, he produces solutions that are both innovative and commercially viable, specialising in web development, desktop applications, mobile web platforms and network technologies.

Valla Vakili, Small Demons

Valla Vakili is the CEO and co-founder of Small Demons. Prior to Small Demons, he held several positions at Yahoo!, most recently VP product with the Entertainment Group in Los Angeles. Valla is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and on leave from doctoral studies at St Antony’s College, Oxford.

Arthur van Keulen, Jongbloed

Arthur van Keulen is the international business developer for Jongbloed, where he is responsible for international launch of new book concept, the dwarsligger.

Henry Volans, Faber Digital

Henry Volans is head of Faber Digital, the new division at Faber responsible for developing digital products and services. After joining Faber from Canongate in Edinburgh he worked as its non-fiction editor and audio publisher, as well as establishing Faber’s debut e-book programme.

Anne von Veh, Say Books

Anna von Veh is passionate about the need to integrate the technical, creative and business sides of publishing, and believes that it is particularly vital in the digital age. Having worked in educational publishing for many years, she knows the importance and desirability of a well-managed workflow, the importance of user-centric design, and the vital role of good content, and people, management. Most recently Anna worked at Pearson, New Zealand, as editorial and production manager, and was the NZ representative on the Australia-NZ project team for the global Pearson Content Management Project. Anna now works as a consultant at Say Books, a digital publishing services company in Auckland, New Zealand.

Max Whitby, Touch Press

Max Whitby is CEO of Touch Press, which he co-founded in 2010 with Theodore Gray, John Cromie and Stephen Wolfram. He studied philosophy at Oxford University and then joined the BBC where he produced numerous Horizon and Nova documentaries. He has directed nearly a hundred films, mainly about science. Early on, he became involved in the BBC’s pioneering Interactive Television Unit and headed a collaboration with Apple in San Francisco. Subsequently he co-led a management buy-out of this BBC group, forming a media publishing company that achieved a successful IPO.  In 2004 Whitby made the radical decision to train formally as a scientist, and completed a PhD in chemistry at Imperial College in London. For the past seven years he has collaborated closely with Theodore Gray designing and building elaborate periodic table displays and installations around the world.  Whitby is widely travelled, having filmed for the BBC, PBS and other TV companies in over 30 countries, including six memorable weeks in North Korea. He has received four BAFTA nominations and two BAFTA awards. He was closely involved in production of Touch Press iPad titles The Elements and The Waste Land.

Joe Wikert, O’Reilly Media

Joe Wikert is general manager & publisher at O’Reilly Media, Inc., where he manages the sales and editorial groups. He’s the author of the Publishing 2020 blog where he’s provided industry insights since 2005. Joe is also co-chair of O’Reilly’s Tools of Change (TOC) conference. Prior to joining O’Reilly Joe was Vice President and Executive Publisher at John Wiley & Sons, Inc., in their P/T division.

Kate Wilson, Nosy Crow

Kate Wilson started her publishing career in the UK after studying English at Oxford University by selling rights for Faber and Faber. She was Publisher and Managing Director of Macmillan Children’s Books from 1994 to 2004, and then she ran Scholastic in the UK between 2004 and 2009. After a (very!) brief period in adult publishing as CEO of Headline, part of the Hachette Group, she founded Nosy Crow, an independent publisher of children’s books and children’s apps, in February 2010. As a parent and a publisher, she is interested in literacy on the page and on screen and in how generations of digital natives may choose to consume text.

Rüdiger Wischenbart, consultant

Rüdiger Wischenbart is a journalist and consultant specialized in culture, cultural industries, the book, book markets, literature, media, and communication in the European Union and in Central and Southeast Europe.

Elizabeth Wood, Worldreader

Elizabeth Wood is director of digital publishing for Worldreader. With an undergraduate degree in journalism and communication from the University of Florida and an MBA from INSEAD, her multinational career has included gigs with Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine in Paris, DDB Needham in Hamburg, and Accenture consulting group in London. A storytelling enthusiast, Elizabeth currently directs and produces short documentaries that have aired nationally on US television. As mother of three, Elizabeth has seen first-hand that finding the right book can ignite a child’s passion for reading… but knows that to fuel that passion it’s just as important to find the right next book, and the one after that. Follow her on Twitter @lizzywood.

*TOC Social Media Meets Publishing Workshop, Thursday, 13 October 2011

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