The Importance of Design and Typography in E-Reading

11:25 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.
Alabaster I + II

In this conversational presentation, Monotype’s Dan Rhatigan and ebook designer Baldur Bjarnason will discuss how the factors of good reading experience in print are still relevant for screens, but require a different use of fonts and technology to encourage that experience.

Learn about:

• the features of the book that still make sense for the screen

• how different kinds of screens display type

• the top things you need to know that will influence your type selection

• how to use fonts effectively on the screen

• the latest changes in the EPUB and CSS specifications that enable rich typographic features

In addition, Dan and Baldur will examine how the user experience can be negatively affected by the current state of inconsistently applied standards in the e-reading ecosystem, and will help publishers understand their role in working toward better overall digital reader experiences.


Baldur Bjarnason
Daniel Rhatigan, Monotype Imaging

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