The state of Spanish language digital publishing

1:45 to 2:30 p.m.
Gold II

An in-depth overview looking at the various global markets for Spanish language digital, who the major publishers and retail channels are, and what platforms/devices appear to be gaining (or losing) traction. We’ll also address the differences in the regional territories and how the various Spanish language markets appear to be merging and/or diverging.

The Speakers

As manager of international content at Barnes and Noble’s Digital Group, Patricia Arancibia is in charge of the acquisition of international digital content, and the relations with international corporations, publishers, cultural and governmental agencies. Previously, she was the merchandising manager in charge of e-books, nonfiction printed Books, and Libros en español at Barnes &, where she launched both the eBooks Store and the Libros en español online division, for which she was also the buyer.

Arantza Larrauri, CEO, Libranda

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